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Over 40 Million Streams

Producer / Vocalist / DJ


Above the Clouds
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PsoGnar - Traitor (Virtual Performance)
Above the Clouds
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PsoGnar & Dion Timmer On Stage at Lost Lands 2019
Dion Timmer ft. PsoGnar - The Sirens
EDC Orlando
EDC Las Vegas


PsoGnar is the dubstep/bass project of Dustin Burk that he started back in 2011 at the age of 21 while attending University of North Florida studying business. By this time he'd already spent 11 years playing guitar and singing in school choirs and had a couple years of hip hop beat production under his belt. In 2012 he launched the first PsoGnar EP which landed him a performance at Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando 2012 by winning Insomniac's Discovery Project. He went on to win the Alumni vote to perform at EDC Las Vegas, and then was booked for main stage at EDC Orlando 2013.

His music has garnered well over 30 million streams across all online platforms, with a lot of help from DubstepGutter's popular youtube channel with over 5 million subscribers. His colloboration with Teminite "On My Way" has been licensed to the U.S. Olympic Trials played to a packed arena before the final Olympic tryouts.

PsoGnar continues to craft an arsenal of original solo music that he writes, performs vocals, and produces. He's also collaborated/featured with bass legends like Teminite, Chime, Dion Timmer, Spag Heddy, and Extra Terra on labels including Never Say Die and Deatbeats. His storytelling style of songwriting and unique vocal style thread every track together where each song is one chapter in an extensive odyssey...



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